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Initial Consults only $59!

Initial Consults only $59!

About Us

Who are we?
Why do we do what we do?
We’re patients… just like you.

By Patients, For Patients. By Patients, For Patients. By Patients, For Patients.
By Patients, For Patients. By Patients, For Patients. By Patients, For Patients.

We were in your shoes. Now, we're grateful to help.

$59 for initial consults. $29 for return consults. Because who likes spending an arm and a leg to get in front of an expert? We started this journey to make plant-based treatment accessible to the everyday Australian.
We love our pharmacy. They've been prescribing cannabis since legalisation, they specialise in medical cannabis and are aiming towards a 1 day dispatch to ensure that you're getting the best care.
We love and respect all patients! Every time we face a business decision, we think 'how would we want it as a patient ourselves.' It's all pretty easy after that.
Currently we have a call line directly to our mobile. We want to offer the greatest support to all of our patients, no matter the situation.
We have a podcast called 'Ask the Experts: Cannabis Podcast Australia' where we continue to educate ourselves while educating the listeners, speaking to all kinds of experts of cannabis.

You’re looking for plant-based treatment to help with your condition… so were we.

You want affordable access to plant-based treatment… we wanted that too.

Easykind (formerly Cannabate) is built by patients, for patients.

We aren’t like other big brands. We have a small team doing a lot. Because we care.

Our dream was for Australians far and wide to have affordable access to plant medicine. And with the help of our network of amazing doctors, telehealth service and prescription delivery… that dream has come true.

Easykind makes plant-based treatment affordable, accessible and Australian. We really do hope we can help you go further then just survive… and thrive.

Welcome to the team. With love,

James & Charlie

| Easykind (formerly Cannabate) Co-Founders