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How it works

Click “start here” on the website to confirm eligibility and book an initial phone consultation with one of our friendly prescribers.

We’ll normally give you a call before the consultation to introduce ourselves and make sure that you’re comfortable with the process, but you’re always welcome to call us directly first.

The TGA requires that patients who are prescribed THC for the first time have a 1 month review consultation.

Beyond that, the usual patient experience is to receive a 1 month script, then a 3 month script, and then 6 monthly repeats. It’s up to the patient and the prescriber to decide how frequently or infrequently the return consultations should occur.

Our initial consultations are 20-30 minute phone calls.

There’s no need to leave your home at any stage of the process, from booking to delivery!

The only things that we need from you before the consultation are your $59 payment to confirm the timeslot, and your patient intake form. Links to complete both the payment and form will be emailed through upon booking your initial time slot.

No need!

Initial consultations must be paid for at least 24 hours before the consultation.

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