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  • Online questionnaire
  • Only takes 30 seconds
  • Find out if you’re eligible

Initial Consult

New Patients
  • 30 min phone consultation
  • No referral required
  • Practitioners who care

Return Consult

Existing Patients
  • 10-15 min phone consultation
  • Best market value pricing
  • See same practitioner
If eligible,
  • Access consult availability
  • Book initial consult
  • Complete patient intake
If prescribed, access:
  • 1-3 month treatment plan
  • TGA approval
  • Call & email patient success team
  • Express, discreet delivery
  • Alternative treatment pharmacists
Get everything
initial consultation +
  • Get 3, then 6 monthly scripts
  • Ongoing patient success team support
  • Make treatment plan changes
  • Issue repeats

a big difference

How We CompareEasyKindMost other clinics
Initial Consult $$59$79-180
Return Consult $$29$59-120
No hidden fees

Exit fees

Script transfer fees

Clinic transfer fees

Script reissue fees

Excess Delivery fees

30 minute initial consults

Responsive patient success team

Clinic Green Card

Built by patients

Free cancellation 24 hours prior

Mission of most affordable access to alternative treatment

Concession Program


Concession Program

easykind offers greater access to concessional range medication up to 40% less than comparable products, all in support of our mission of high quality, affordable access.

  • 40% less than comparable products
  • Available to all patients – no card required
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The initial consultation is only $59, and all consultations after that are only $29. The usual easykind patient has a review consultation after month 1 and month 4. After that, they typically see their prescriber once every 6 months, paying a total of $58 per year for long-term care.

The TGA has extremely strict rules surrounding advertising of alternative treatment costs. Because of this we are not allowed to disclose product specific information. However, flower ranges between $6 and $15 per gram, and oils range from $99 – $180. It’s best to tell the prescriber your budget, to make sure that they put you on a treatment plan suitable to you.

The cost of alternative treatment in Australia can vary… a lot. It depends on things like the type of alternative treatment you’re consuming, dosage amount and form, frequency of use and the method of consumption.

The median weekly cost of alternative treatment for patient-only use is $40 AUD, and the middle 50% of patients spent between $7 and $100 per week. This spread illustrates just how much the weekly cost of alternative treatment can vary from patient-to-patient.

No. Patients are required to pay 100% of the costs associated with the consultation and medication.

Initial consultations must be paid for at least 24 hours before the consultation.